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In life, there are two different paths. There’s the Safe Path, a guarded boulevard that allows you to reach your destination in the safest and easiest way possible. Then there’s the Rocky Path, a hazardous and frightening road that takes you into the dense forest around the mountains. Some people have the option to pick a path, while some are born without that opportunity. I was of the latter group. Where I come from there are no signs saying “Swedish-born Assyrian woman, working as a musician, living in the suburbs of Stockholm, this direction”, I’ll tell you that much. So I was handed the Rocky Path, but I’ve accepted it as my journey and throughout the years I’ve actually started to enjoy the mysteries in the forests and the powerful mountains, as well as the many confusing detours and the challenges hiding in the shadows. I’ve realized that the Rocky Path is not a curse, it’s an opportunity to find an alternate way. It charges me with the responsibility to stay true towards my intended destination while giving me the freedom to create what I want to create and work with whom I want to work with. You see, I don’t have the luxury of a great supportive force behind me, I’m independent. But that doesn’t mean I’m alone; exactly the opposite. I’ve found other survivors, just like me, on a Rocky Path that have joined me on my journey. They’re now my people and together we’ll create our own avenue, much better than any road you’ve ever seen before. And the best part is that you are welcome to join. In fact, everyone’s welcome to join no matter what group you belong to or which map you hold in your hands. But I have to warn you. My people and I do not belong to a single category and we are not a single genre. You’ll never know what to expect from us or where we’ll end up. Today, it’s a Great Leap Forward. Tomorrow, who knows.


STORY is a concept where music meets fiction. It’s a way to invite everybody to take part in the story influenced by the music.
For every new song, a new chapter will be released; at the end of the year the chapters will be compiled in a full e-book edition. STORY is written by Siduri Poli and is based on Ninsun Poli’s interpretation of her own music. All chapters will be available here on